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Mortgage Minders, LLC. is a contract processing company dedicated to serving professional mortgage brokers in small to medium sized firms. Our success has been based upon our mission to provide high levels of service to all parties but primarily to loan officers who entrust in our ability to get the job done. The premise is simple….We process loans and bring them to close quickly while brokers concentrate on originating new business. Mortgage Minders’ seamless approach is based on developing solid relationships with lenders, title companies and all parties responsible for insuring a satisfied borrower. Ultimately we believe the loan officer should be well represented in his/her mission to enhance their reputation for obtaining referrals and garnering new leads.


Mortgage Minders, LLC. was founded in 2002 by Heidi Miesemer. With over 15 years of industry experience starting with title processing to settlements, Heidi worked her way to the broker side and has mastered the process of closing loans. Realizing an innate ability to expedite a process and multi-task in a fast paced environment, Heidi decided to branch out on her own.

Located in Columbia, Maryland, Mortgage Minders has processed and closed thousands of loans. Our processors are experienced with all conventional and government mortgage loans.


Mortgage Minders can help you reduce your office expenses by saving money on Salaries, Insurance, Workman’s Compensation, Office Supplies, Office Space and Recruitment & Training.

Brokers should be focused on new business. In a very competitive market, originations are paramount. Loan Officers must avoid the unnecessary paperwork that tends to slow them down.

Mortgage processors are indeed necessary but at what cost? Whether you are a small, medium or large firm, you can manage your growth during a busy cycle with overflow files processed by Mortgage Minders. In a slow cycle downsizing may be necessary and contract processing makes even more sense.

Mortgage Minders is the practical and obvious alternative for brokers to remain competitive by carefully managing the size of their staff.

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